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Base Model

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The basic amenities for this high end mini caravan are:
lightweight 15" aluminum rims , a 30Ah lithium battery, a collapsible mattress base with 20 cm thick mattress option, two doors, two sliding windows with mosquito nets, an insulated roof,  electric tailgate lock, an wooden oiled interior, a high quality braked Al-Ko chassis, Spacious storage compartments and an extremely robust scratch and impact-resistant coating suitable for extreme conditions. 

Addons Options

Select the desired add-ons and a free quote 

Carco and Shassis 
100Km/h Admission 


If you're driving through Europe, there are some countries where it's possible to drive your caravan at 100km/h. This requires special shock absorbers on top of the normal suspension and a chassis with its own brake. With this add-on, you'll get permission to drive at full speed!

Roof Reck 


Pure mini caravan aluminum roof racks are custom made. It easily supports a weight of 300 kilograms. The roof rack comes with four adapters. These adapters are strong enough to carry a two-person roof tent. 

Aluminum storage box


Sturdy storage box with ample capacity for the mini caravan drawbar. Dimensions: 90x47x33.5 cm.

Adjustable legs for chassis


Adjustable supports can help level out your mini caravan. Definitely recommended if you want to spend the night in hilly areas. The supports are attached to the back of your mini caravan. The supports can be easily folded. 

Interior and living space
Lift-up Skylight 50*50 cm 


This roof hatch can be opened and closed and features tinted glass, a mosquito net and a blackout curtain

Lift-up Skylight 50*70 cm 


This roof hatch can be opened and closed and features tinted glass, a mosquito net and a blackout curtain

Upfolding mattress bodum 


A generous 130-liter storage space is available under the bottom of the mattress. This space can be utilized by folding up the mattress bottom. This option includes a movable mattress base, hinges and a spring system to enable folding.

Matrass 140*200*16


cold foam mattress, 7 zones, specific gravity SG 30, height approximately 16 cm, cover washable up to 60 degrees

Kitchen and cooking 
Two-burner gas cooktop


A built-in two-burner gas hob at kitchen height as you are used to at home 

Complete water supply 


75 L Fresh water supply with a sturdy 6-valve pump that automatically turns on when you open the tap. For waste water, there is a dirty water tank with a pull valve. This is convenient to easily discharge your dirty water. 

Lighting and power supply 
Lighting and power supply equipment 


With this pack you'll enjoy two flexible reading lamps, Indirect lighting that lights up the whole cabin, 230 v connection and two USB connectors in the cabin. In the kitchen, you'll appreciate the 230 v connection, 2x USB connection, and Indirect lighting on and in the kitchen cabinet. The lighting provides enough light for cooking. There is also a 12 V connection at the refrigerator drawer. The whole system will be connected to an inverter that will also provide you with 230V off-grid power like a great outdoor mini caravan has to have.

This mini caravan power package also has the ability to connect to an external 220 volt power source.This means that it can be continuously powered, which is very convenient. Our switch controller ensures that the inboard supply is automatically switched to the external power source, and if necessary, the battery will be recharged automatically. Without this package, the onboard battery would have to be charged from an external source, 

This is the perfect setup for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors in style and comfort.

Extra Lithium 30AH battery

210€ / Accu

The mini-caravan can be equipped with whatever power you deem necessary. If you want to use off-grid using the "location and power package," it is advisable to use an additional battery. 
If you also want to use a refrigerator 3 days off-grid, you will need about 100 Ah. Solar panels can reduce the required power by up to 50%. The standard battery pack in the basic model is 30 Ah

Solar cell equipment 


With the solar panel package, you have enough power to stay off-grid continuously.

Find Out More 

You can fill out the form for a free quote or to make a viewing appointment at our location near Mannheim, Germany. Our Dutch location will open this summer.


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