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Why the pure caravan has a superior coating

I would like to tell you more about our finish and why we chose it. Our finish is revolutionary and offers several important advantages over traditional finishes. For example, our finish is not only durable and easy to maintain, but it also offers very good protection against wear and tear in addition to its unique look.

Disadvantages of traditional mini caravan finishes.

A common problem with caravans is the finish of the caravan. A caravan's finish can be prone to damage and suffer from corrosion. This common problem are usually the result of overloading, impact from outside and or long exposure to sea air.

These problems arise because caravans are traditionally finished with aluminum sheeting and sealing strips on the side of the caravan. The annoying thing about this is that if the aluminum gets dented, it stays dented forever. Think of sprinkles and possible dents that can occur when you are, for example, applying your luggage to the roof of the caravan.

It is also common for small leaks to develop at the edges after a few years. After many years, mold problems develop. So your caravan is unintentionally gently rotting away. Also because of the smooth texture, scratches are easy to detect. Especially in mini caravans with which it is fun to be in nature, it is inconvenient if you have to think about that while using it. Repairing the damage is usually very expensive.

The advantages of a high-quality spray-on coating

Our coating is a high-quality spray-on coating used to protect and enhance the durability of various surfaces, including truck beds, boats, trailers and industrial equipment. The quality of our coating is exceptional, making it one of the most reliable and durable protective coatings on the market.

The coating used is known for its high strength and flexibility. This material is applied using a high-pressure spray system, ensuring consistent and even coverage over the entire surface. The result is a tough, durable coating that can withstand severe impacts, extreme temperatures and even harsh chemicals.

One of the main advantages of our coating is its ability to protect surfaces from damage caused by scratches, dents and corrosion. It forms a strong bond with the surface, creating a barrier that prevents water, salt and other corrosive substances from penetrating the substrate. This makes our coating ideal for use in harsh mountain and beach environments where salt water and moisture can quickly corrode the caravan.

The unique look our coating gives to a mini caravan

Our coating not only improves its protective properties, but also gives an aesthetic boost to the coated surface. The result is a smooth, textured finish that can be sprayed in any color. The right combination of shape, texture and color gives your mini caravan a unique look that stands out greatly from traditional caravans. For example, you can have your caravan match the color of your car.

Why this coating is not used with traditional caravans.

The coating is relatively heavy. In larger caravans it will then have a very large impact on the total weight of the caravan. Because the Pure Camper has a small size, it is profitable to use the coating. Furthermore, it also requires special aperture and knowledge of the material.

The environmental impact of the coating

The environmental impact of the coating depends on several factors, such as its production and use. In general, it can be said that the coating has a mixed base, making it difficult to reuse and therefore not very durable. Despite the fact that Pure Camper considers it very important to provide durable products, we still chose this finish because of the advantages it offers.

First, spraying the special protective coating proceeds differently than traditional spray painting. Through high temperature and pressure, the two components are mixed and transferred. Thus, with our coating, no solvent is needed to make it portable or mix components. So no solvents and floaters are released into the air during the work.

Second, at Pure Camper we want to provide quality products that last. And thus have a lower impact on the environment.

However, we understand that there are even more sustainable materials out there, so we continue to look for ways to produce our mini-caravans in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


Traditional finishing of caravans has many disadvantages, such as susceptibility to damage and corrosion. Caravans are traditionally finished with aluminum plating and sealing strips on the sides, which are prone to dents and leaks. Our high-quality spray-on coating offers a solution to these problems. It is strong and flexible enough to handle all environments and weather conditions. Although it is not 100% ecological, we believe it is a better choice in the long run.


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