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What are the advantages of a teardrop mini caravan?

Explore Europe in a sustainable way with the help of mini caravans. These caravans offer luxury without leaving a large ecological footprint. Compared to traditional caravans, mini-caravans are lighter and more compact, making them easier to park and perfect for a trendy lifestyle. Moreover, some companies, such as Pure Camper, have offset their emitted emissions to minimize their carbon footprint. Learn more about the benefits of mini caravans in the article below.

Mini caravans with an eye-catching design

In recent years, many new mini caravans have appeared on the market. These caravans often excel with design aspects in a variety of colors and models. There is everything from tough off road caravans to hippy caravans to be seen on your beach vacation. With the Pure Caravan, we have combined the modern sleek Nordic design trend with the vintage look of a traditional 1960s American mini caravan. Inside, the natural wood from which the caravan is completely constructed is kept visible. This gives a particularly cozy feeling. On the outside, the caravan is finished with a very robust coating that comes from the off-grid sine and is available in all possible colors. A mini caravan is not only convenient and environmentally friendly, but also fits perfectly with a trendy lifestyle.

Mini caravan at night with light and outdoor kitchen
Teardrop mini caravan at night

Minimalist yet luxurious

A mini caravan allows you to fully enjoy the freedom to travel around and explore the beauty of nature, without compromising on the comforts of home. A mini caravan can be easily stored at home due to its size, and so a weekend getaway is quickly arranged. The Pure Mini Camper is specially designed to provide maximum comfort. The slatted mattress and fine backrest with reading lights guarantee a relaxing and comfortable evening. Cooking on a camping stove can sometimes be an unpleasant experience, which is why the Pure camper is equipped with a full-fledged outdoor kitchen. With a refrigerator, up to 75 L of running water and a built-in stove, you can prepare your favorite meal with ease while enjoying the view and being outdoors. Even off-grid or at the charging station in France, you can enjoy a nice coffee in a sigh.

A typical picture of the Pure Mini caravan on the campsite
Pure Camper Mini Teardrop Wohnwagen

Optimal comfort and convenience of a compact caravan

Mini caravans are very light, about 500 kilo. Also, the caravans are very small in size. The advantage of this is that the caravan can easily be uncoupled and parked by one person on a narrow pitch. For example, between two trees overlooking a stream. Due to its small size, the mini caravan can easily be placed on a traditional camping spot, and can be easily adjusted so that you can sit in the shade or enjoy the sunset. And not only on your pitch does this give advantages. Even visiting small towns with narrow streets that you often encounter on vacation is no problem. You hardly notice that you have a mini caravan behind the car. Curves are easy to take. Parking is often a challenge with large caravans. A mini caravan, on the other hand, can be parked in exactly on one parking place. Especially on red-trip, mini caravans offer additional advantages. You don't have to unhitch the caravan for a short overnight stay. It is simply a matter of parking and using it. If you do want to unhitch, the caravan can be easily leveled due to the tripod construction. Two swing-out legs at the rear of the caravan and the drawbar wheel ensure quick horizontal positioning. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the compact size is storage. The Pure camper is designed to fit in your own yard.

Lower costs and high quality

In general, we can say that the purchase cost of a mini-caravan is lower than that of a traditional caravan or motorhome. But that's not the only advantage! Mini caravans also have lower maintenance and repair costs and often do not require storage. If you need a ferry or a pitch, you don't have to worry because mini-caravans usually fall into a lower cost category. Plus, the hip design makes it easy to rent out your mini-caravan for a higher price than traditional caravans and motorhomes.

Our Pure Camper mini-caravans are made of high-quality, marine-grade materials and feature a nearly indestructible coating that will last a lifetime. However, it is important to remember that cheap is not always the best option. At Pure Camper, we understand this better than anyone and strive to offer high-quality caravans at a competitive price. Our mini caravans are designed by a Dutch designer and manufactured by a German partner, and we have a passion for the product and love of travel and adventure. Pure Camper is not about profit, but about providing quality and service to our customers.

The mini caravan can be placed in many impassable places
Mini caravan in narrow format

Discover Europe in a sustainable way

If you are looking for a more sustainable alternative to air vacations that still allows you to enjoy the beautiful places in Europe, mini caravans are an excellent choice. These caravans offer luxury without leaving a large ecological footprint. In fact, mini caravans are lighter and lower than traditional caravans, with an average weight of about 500 kilograms, which also makes them suitable for smaller cars. Teardrop models in particular have a great advantage due to their streamlined and low construction, resulting in very low drag and energy consumption. This makes it possible to tow these models easily with small or electric cars. Due to the low energy consumption of mini caravans, your carbon footprint reduces and you also save money.

Some mini caravan companies, including Pure Camper, are very aware of the impact they have on the environment and therefore offset the emissions emitted in the production of their caravans. Pure Camper aims to keep their carbon footprint as small as possible, which is why they have even developed an all-wood caravan that can be produced locally.


In short, mini caravans offer a sustainable way to explore Europe without leaving a large carbon footprint. These caravans are light, compact and yet offer luxury and comfort. Due to their minimalist design and ability to park easily, mini caravans fit perfectly with a trendy lifestyle and are great for road trips. Moreover, they are often cheaper to purchase and maintain than traditional caravans and motorhomes. So it is no surprise that more and more people are choosing this convenient and sustainable way to travel.


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