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Freedom Style and Quality

Pure Camper

The Self-Sufficient Minicaravan for the Modern Adventurer

Pure Camper, a self-sufficient, eco-friendly mini caravan, takes camping comfort to the next level with its cosy cabin, innovative storage and seating solutions, and integrated outdoor kitchen. Ideal for adventurers who appreciate style, quality and convenience.

Find your adventure with a Pure Camper mini caravan.

The Pure Camper offers adventurers cleverly designed comfort and efficiency. The teardrop caravan features an extra-thick mattress, ergonomic backrest and double doors. Folding windows and a skylight with mosquito netting ensure optimal ventilation. Despite the limited space, storage space has been creatively handled: in addition to the traditional storage space, you will find space for essential items such as a table and chairs behind the ergonomic backrest and the unfolding mattress bottom. Complemented by a spacious kitchen and various comfort-enhancing features, this makes the mini caravan unique in its functionality and experience.

The ultimate power pack for your teardrop caravan

Pure camper cross section at night with lights on for teardrop trailer caravan

The Pure Camper's power supply ensures complete independence for your mini-caravan. No more worries about power connections, whether you're camping or adventuring off-grid. Thanks to an efficient solar panel that captures enough energy even in the shade, plus the option to recharge while driving, you are constantly powered. This ensures that reading lights, mood lighting, and charging points in both the kitchen and cabin, along with everything else from the water pump to the fridge, operate worry-free 24/7.

Cook Under the Stars in a
Sleek Outdoor Kitchen

The Pure Camper's outdoor kitchen is a true dream for any culinary camper. Equipped with a robust two-burner gas cooker and space for two integrated gas cylinders. The handy 40-litre fridge, cleverly placed in a pull-out drawer, allows you to grab ingredients without having to empty the sink. Furthermore, the kitchen is equipped with a built-in waste bin, drawers for cutlery, and enough storage space for all your pots and pans. Water for the tap is supplied by a powerful pressure pump connected to a 65-litre fresh water tank, while waste water is neatly drained into a dirty water tank. Ambient lighting creates the perfect ambiance for a unique outdoor cooking experience, ideal for those long, warm summer evenings.

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Advanced Finishing

Durability and Aesthetics

Pure Camper's teardrop caravans are distinguished by the use of superior, durable materials and high-quality products. Each caravan is equipped with sheep wool insulation and manufactured from solid Finnish birch wood, which not only offers natural charm but also provides exceptional strength. Exterior protection is provided by a unique, scratch- and impact-resistant coating (Polyurea/LineX), which optimally protects the caravan from the elements. This advanced coating technique surpasses traditional construction methods in both aesthetics and durability, making these caravans an outstanding choice for travellers who find style, durability, and quality essential.

From Sustainability to Convenience

The Advantages of Traveling with a Mini Caravan

Our Dutch-made mini caravans deliver a wide range of benefits. Thanks to their light weight and aerodynamic design, you benefit from reduced fuel or energy consumption. A B driving licence is all you need to tow this caravan. Their compact size allows you to easily park your Pure Camper at home in the garage or in a car park. But prepare yourself: at the campsite you are guaranteed to be in the spotlight, because our caravans are unmistakable eye-catchers.

View onto the Playa Calahonda from the Balcón de Europa

Your Adventure Awaits

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