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With this pack you'll enjoy two flexible reading lamps, Indirect lighting that lights up the whole cabin, 230 v connection and two USB connectors in the cabin. In the kitchen, you'll appreciate the 230 v connection, 2x USB connection, and Indirect lighting on and in the kitchen cabinet. The lighting provides enough light for cooking. There is also a 12 V connection at the refrigerator drawer. The whole system will be connected to an inverter that will also provide you with 230V off-grid power like a great outdoor mini caravan has to have.

This mini caravan power package also has the ability to connect to an external 220 volt power source.This means that it can be continuously powered, which is very convenient. Our switch controller ensures that the inboard supply is automatically switched to the external power source, and if necessary, the battery will be recharged automatically. Without this package, the onboard battery would have to be charged from an external source,

This is the perfect setup for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors in style and comfort.

Lighting and power supply equipment pack

€ 733,00Prijs
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